7 Working with and for Outside Organizations

When you are working on projects, you are a representative of Plymouth State University. Because of that, there are rules that you will have to follow. Most of the rules arise when you are working with an outside organization on activities related to fundraising and donations, whether you are partnering with that organization or not and whether that organization is for-profit or not. If you plan to raise money or collect goods of any kind in your project, you must follow the rules explained in the following USNH and PSU policies. The process described will take between 2 weeks and a month. Be sure to include this time in your project planning.

Charitable fundraising activities for the benefit of outside parties are generally not allowable, except by registered student organizations or official athletic teams. USNH Policy 08-006 explains this policy in detail: https://www.usnh.edu/usnh-financial-services-policies-and-procedures/08-006-contributions-charitable-and-political

The University understands, however, there may be times when this is a worthwhile activity for students to engage in. Approval of such activity is determined on a case-to-case basis and takes into account the value of the learning outcomes, as well as institutional risk and institutional resource investment. Plymouth State University’s policy can be found here: https://campus.plymouth.edu/financial-services/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2019/08/Fundraising-for-External-Entities-Policy-and-Guidelines-8-19-19-Final.pdf

If you are interested in working on a project that involves any sort of fundraising or donation collection for an outside organization, you (or your instructor) must first contact the Coordinator of General Education, Cathie LeBlanc (cleblanc@plymouth.edu). Again, be aware that getting approval to engage in these activities will take between 2 weeks and a month and you should include that time in your project planning.



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